We are thrilled to announce the release of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 10 oz Silver Bar. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to own an early edition piece which is sure to become a future collectors item.The 10 oz RCM silver bar is the newest offering from the Royal Canadian Mint. It has the unique distinction of being the only 10 oz sized silver bullion bar currently being produced by any major government mint, and bears a superior silver purity of 99.99%.  These include a unique serial number and reeded edges similar to that of a coin.

Bullion Mart has been granted exclusive access to some of the first bars being produced by the RCM, which all contain low serial numbers.The Royal Canadian Mint produces silver bars and silver grain, at various times. The Mint, like its American counterpart, does not sell directly to the public, unlike many of the world’s mints which are quite happy to maintain online stores of their own. Instead, the Royal Canadian Mint sells to a network of approved buyers, which includes both Internet and brick and mortar operations in various countries.Because of this, it is difficult to know exactly which silver bar products are currently being produced by the Mint, since the companies who serve as buyers and who then resell the silver to the public may be selling off existing stocks even after the Royal Canadian Mint has ceased production.The Royal Canadian Mint bars are well received because they make use of the same ultra-pure silver as does the coinage produced by the northern country.

The silver bars, regardless of what size happens to be available at the moment, are 99.99% pure silver Advantages to the 10 oz silver bar include:

  1. because of the bar’s uniform weight and size customers can easily track value by following the daily buy/sell prices posted by precious metal dealers.
  2. The 10 oz silver bar is handy for smaller transactions providing a wider investor audience. And this size is easily stored in bank deposit boxes.
  3. The premium or price paid over “spot” is small because the bars are not rare or collectable.
  4. The 10 oz silver bar is an ideal form for barter in case paper currency is questioned. (5) The 10 oz silver bar is small enough to give the owner options when it comes to liquidation.