The excellence of topaz is irrefutable as it sparkles with a brilliant shine that mirrors a blazing pre-winter nightfall! To those conceived in November, topaz brings quality, knowledge, adjust and control. It is for the most part connected with companionship, steadfastness, devotion and warmth.

A perfect present for somebody conceived in the long stretch of November! Request your coin today!

Extraordinary highlights:

Each magnificent coin in this 12-coin arrangement is installed with an authentic, diamond conditioned Swarovski® gem frivolity that repeats the shades of the month’s birthstone.

The engraved components are delightfully rendered in fine detail to make a collectible bit of craftsmanship that holds an immortal interest.

A conventional image of energy and quality, the unpredictably engraved mythical beast is situated over a lotus example to symbolize immaculateness of the heart and psyche, while the precious stone includes the extraordinary ethics it speaks to.

Created from 99.99% unadulterated silver.

A dazzling memento that praises a man’s singularity.

Your coin is GST/HST absolved with a restricted mintage around the world.


The turn around plan by Three Degrees Creative Group is both outwardly convincing and luxuriously representative, with an attentive merging of conventional and contemporary outline components. Out of sight, a wonderfully engraved lotus design fills the turn around in a cutting edge go up against the blossoms that customarily symbolize immaculateness of the heart and psyche. A superb, mid-alleviation mythical beast is enlivened through mind boggling etching that reproduces it in exceptional detail; its quality likewise conveys a solid importance, as the winged serpent is a revered image of energy, quality and good fortunes in Asian folklore. Above it, a customary roundabout theme bears a Swarovski® gem frivolity that speaks to topaz, the birthstone for November, which is said to convey companionship and quality to those conceived in the month. The front highlights the representation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.